Why Buy FxFoto?

FxFoto is a photo organizing, editing, and enhancing program that is made by Triscape. FxFoto also comes with layout tools that you can use to create slideshows, collages, scrapbook pages and much more. FxFoto is compatible with any version of Windows that is newer than 95. The features of any program are what would make you want to purchase the program, so this guideline will go over the best features of FxFoto.

1. Organize

FxFoto makes it easy to organize your photos because FxFoto will automatically scan and organize them for you. Your photos will be placed in folders that you can scroll through for easy access. You can even assign keywords and dates to your photos so that you can search for them at a later date with ease.

2. Edit

With FxFoto, there is no reason to delete your dark or over-exposed photos because FxFoto will automatically fix those imperfections for you. With a single click of your mouse, you can remove red eye and other blemishes from the subjects of your photos. A few of the other cool photo editing tools that are included with FxFoto are stamp brushes, clone, translucency, undo, transparency and color.

3. Enhance

You will have a blast expressing your creative side with the filter effects that are included with FxFoto. A few of the over 75 filter effects that come standard with FxFoto include sepia, oil painting, motion, posterize and embossed. FxFoto even comes with over 100 cutters that you can use to crop your photos. If you are looking to frame your photos, then you will love the skins, shadows, outlines and oval cutouts that come with FxFoto.