Why Buy FotoAlbum Pro?

FotoAlbum Pro is an easy to use photo editing program that is made by FotoTime. You can also use FotoAlbum Pro to import and organize your photos with ease. There is a free version of FotoAlbum available, but the features of FotoAlbum Pro are more than worth paying the licensing cost. FotoAlbum Pro is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

1. Searchable Database

If you are one that loves to take photos, then you know it can be a hassle to sort through all of those photos once you have imported them. FotoAlbum Pro comes with metadata fields that you can fill in to make finding your photos easy. For example, if you have a dog named Buck and you take a lot of photos of him, you can enter Buck as the keyword for his photos and then simply type Buck into the database in FotoAlbum Pro to find all of his photos.

2. GeoTagging

GeoTagging is one of the best features of FotoAlbum Pro. FotoAlbum Pro is completely integrated with GoogleMaps API. Being that FotoAlbum Pro is integrated with GoogleMaps API, you are able to geotag your photos and the GPS coordinates that you enter are automatically saved in EXIF. This is a great feature if you are a heavy traveler and you want to organize your photos by location.

3. Fixing Your Photos

With FotoAlbum Pro, there is no such thing as a bad photo. If the subject of your photo has red-eye problems, FotoAlbum Pro can easily fix that. Other photo editing tools that are included with FotoAlbum Pro include cropping and color balancing.