Why Buy Flashbox?

Flashbox is an image editing and enhancement program that lets you recreate your images in many fun and exiting ways without too much hassle. It is so client-friendly that even pre-teens can use it to replace the background of their pictures, recreate a class picture to an old sepia photo or give their picture an instant makeover. Here are other reasons why any enthusiastic photographer or photo editor should buy Flashbox:

Special Effects Spray

It’s easy to place graphic effects on the whole photo with Flashbox, but it’s also possible to use a special effects spray which targets specific parts of the photo. Starburst, warping, confetti and other visual effects can be placed specifically where you want them in the composition.

Built-in Projects

There are a great number of designs and template lay-outs to choose from. Selections include built-in cards, calendars, flyers and a lot more. All of these templates boast of professionally rendered frames, backgrounds and props.

Easy Add-Ons

FlashXubes allows you to expand your Flashbox templates, designs and tools. Choose from several themes for easy expansion and application.