Why Buy FireGraphic for Image Management?

FireGraphic is a great program for image management. In addition to being an all-in-one photo viewer, you can also use FireGraphic to view, organize, edit and print your photos with ease. A few of the many image management tools that are featured in FireGraphic include easy imports, image preview and image organization. If you still aren't sure if FireGraphic is right for you, download the 30 day trial and give it a go yourself.

1. Easy Imports

With FireGraphic, all you have to do is insert your camera's memory card and FireGraphic will automatically locate your photos and import them. If you want to rename your photos, you will be able to do that while FireGraphic is importing your photos. FireGraphic is also capable of importing photos from hard drives and USB flash drives.

2. Image Preview

FireGraphic makes it easy for you to preview your images. Photos that have been imported to FireGraphic have photo pop-up preview and folder preview options. Simply position your mouse over an image thumbnail and FireGraphic will show you an enlarged version of the photo. FireGraphic even allows you to compare multiple images side by side.

3. Image Organization

When you open FireGraphic, every single one of your photos, files and folders will be displayed on a single screen for easy access. By seeing the photos and folders together, you are able to quickly and easily organize your photos by simply dragging them into a folder. If you aren't sure where the photo should go, simply use the fantastic image preview features that are included with FireGraphic to see an enlarged version of the photo.