Why Buy Editstudio for Video Editing?

Editstudio is a digital video editing application that is made by Media Chance. There are plenty of other digital video applications out there, but you will have a hard time finding a similar program for the cost of Editstudio. Editstudio comes with professional quality editing tools that you can use to create cinema-like movies.

Editstudio is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Of course, the features of any digital video editing application are the main selling point for the program, so this guideline will go over the main features of Editstudio.

Editing Tools

The editing tools that are included with any digital video editing application are easily the most important features of the program. Editstudio comes with all of the editing tools that you would expect a digital video editing application to have. With Editstudio, you can trim clips directly on the timeline, adjust the volume of your audio clips, balance and pan via rubber bands, and much more.

If you need to retain the running time of the clips that you are editing, then you will love the fact that Editstudio provides support for slip editing. Depending on the version of Editstudio that you have, you can even perform J and L cuts for linked clips. All of the editing tools that are included with Editstudio can be used to edit video from both MiniDV and HDV tape-based cameras.

Composing Features

Unlike many other digital video editing applications, Editstudio provides support for motion paths. With Editstudio, you can even create motion paths that contain spline and linear curves. Being that Editstudio provides support for motion paths, you can quickly and easily create picture-in-picture or motion effects, such as chroma key, luma key and flare. You are able to create motion paths in Editstudio by dragging, moving and resizing video clips at the same time.

If you need to move any of the effects that you have applied to your video, simply click on the effect and drag it to a new location. In addition to being able to apply effects to your video clips in Editstudio, you are also able to choose from over 100 customizable transitions that you can apply to your clips to create the perfect movie.

Text and Titling

Many digital video editing applications only provide support for stationary text. Editstudio takes text support a step further by supporting crawling motion text, credits and scrolling text. To create the perfect text for your movie, Editstudio allows you to mix fonts and styles. You can even apply outlines, glows and drop shadows to your text in Editstudio. To create cinema like titles, you are able to make your title text ripple, twist and much more.

If you need to create production copies of your video, Editstudio even allows you to display a counting timecode or frame number on your title. There are some digital video editing applications that cost hundreds of dollars that do not provide the title text support that Editstudio does.