Why AlbumCreator Is Good for Making Image Galleries

AlbumCreator is software that helps in the creation of Flash or HTML image galleries, giving them a professional look. The program has many features that make it simple and user friendly, allowing you to enhance images and instantly share your creations with people all over the world. Here are the useful tools of this product.

Intuitive Interface

You can create and publish a professional quality Flash or HTML image gallery through an email client and other advanced tools.

Themes and Customization

Even if you are not well versed or are new to flash, you can select from the many templates available. Hence, you can create and publish your own image gallery without any knowledge of flash. You can even make them more unique and personal by using other tools. Also, every single theme has its own detailed setting like background color, text, thumbnails and more.

Image Editing

The AlbumCreator comes with a photo editor that helps you to enhance and improvise on the images before publishing them. It helps in the removal of red eye and to rotate, crop, flip and paint the image (as per your design). Most image galleries online are viewed as slideshows, but this software helps in creating professional galleries.

Apart from this, it is priced quite reasonably and comes in three versions: Lite, Basic and Pro, all with a variety of features. Features of this product make it a worthwhile buy and one of the best ways to create image galleries.