Who Uses AutoFocus Software?

AutoFocus is an application with an advanced combination of image editing tools that professionals use to obtain quality images for commercial or personal purpose.

What Features Make AutoFocus a professional software?

HSC Edit AutoFocus incorporates useful tools like DeNoise, DeBlur, Advanced Sharpener and the JPEG ArteFact cleaner as a bonus feature. With these tools, users obtain images with reduced noise, grain and blur due to the powerful filters that act specifically on the damaged areas without causing any quality loss at the edges or on detail. The process that enables de-blurring, for instance, is based on deconvolution, which is the least damaging procedure to clear detail without additional noise. Another good example of good quality editing is the HSharpen tool – as specialists mention, it has managed to surpass Photoshop’s “unsharp mask.”

Who Can Benefit from All these Features?

On the list of professionals who need quality editing for their images, the targeted buyers of AutoFocus are the following persons or companies:

  • Professional photographers
  • Web designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Publishing companies
  • Advertising agencies

Nevertheless, AutoFocus is not a complicated application, so it also benefits those who edit images as a hobby and anyone who wishes to improve the quality of his/her pictures.