White and Black Diffusion in Adobe Premiere

With Adobe Premiere, you can use white and black diffusion to give your videos an interesting and more enhanced look. Applying white and black diffusion to your video images requires a few steps; however, the process is not difficult. Better still, this handy how-to guide will show you how to apply white and black diffusion to your video images in Adobe Premier.

What You'll Need

  • A computer with Adobe Premiere installed
  • A video file to edit

Step 1: Open the Video File in Adobe Premiere

Browse to the file that you want to edit in Adobe Premiere, and then create new project file and import the file into your source monitor viewer.

Step 2: Drag the Clip to the Timeline

Before you can begin adding diffusion effects to your video, you'll first need to drag it to the timeline. So, simply drag and drop the video clip from your project viewer onto the Adobe Premiere timeline.

Step 3: Create a White Color Matte

Right-click on any open area of the project viewer, and then select New Item. Next, choose the color matte option. The color matte dialog box will then pop up, and you'll need to enter a descriptive name for the new matte. If you wish, you can simply enter "white" into the text box and click "OK".

Step 4: Apply the New Color Matte to the Timeline

After you've created a new white color matte item, apply it choosing a point in the timeline while the effect dialogue box is open. The effect will be automatically applied to the clip.

Step 5: Create a New Keying Effect

Go to the effects tab and open the 'Keying' folder. Then, select the track matte key option. Once the dialog box for the Track matte key option pops up, set the matte option to 'Video 1'  and also choose the Matte Luma option. The new matte key option should be applied automatically to the video in the source monitor viewer.

Step 6: Add a Fast Blur Effect

Again, go to the effects tab and choose a fast blur effect under the blurring effects folder. In the fast blur dialog box, select the repeat edges option. At this point, you should start to notice the diffusion effect on the video image in the source monitor viewer.

Step 7: Create the Black Diffusion Effect

Choose a point father along in the clip, and then add a new matte item. Enter Black as the description and, and choose black from the color picker. Then, set the matte type to reverse and click the "OK" button.

You can also play with the opacity settings to make the transition from the white and black diffusion is more dramatic or natural as the clip may require.

Step 8: Adjust Settings as Required

After you have applied the black diffusion effect to the clip, you should view the clip in its entirety in the source monitor viewer. If you are pleased with the transition, no further changes are needed. However, feel free to go back and adjust any of the settings that you have created or modified in order to create a white to black diffusion clip effect that best meets your needs.

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