What's New In Ulead Photo Explorer

Ulead Photo Explorer is a computer software program. It is used as a management tool to organize and create a way for users to locate their images, share them with others and create special effects for their images.

Editing Video and Image Files

If you want to be able to edit your videos or images and insert special effects easily, then Ulead Photo Explorer will help you do this. It can be used to edit a video file or image file, make a musical slide show, put in fancy transitions, narrate the video or add word captions to photos. It turns your creation into one of the popular file formats to either save on your computer, email to someone, print (in the case of photos), or upload to YouTube or another website.

Filing System

If you are always losing track of where on your hard drive you stored your image or video files, then Ulead Photo Explorer can fix this issue for you in a flash. Once you install the program, you can mark your video and image files and put them in a folder where you can find them instantly. It can do a search for a specific image file, or you can just browse using the program to find the one you want to use.