What's Cool About Print House Magic

Print House Magic from Corel has excellent graphic software providing many tools with an easy interface. The software also has an image editor and has features to create address books, database and calendars. Let us see some of the cool features of this software.

Excellent Interface

The simplicity of the interface is such that you do not need any training in using this software. The screen is divided into two panels in which the right side is your work area, while the left panel is devoted to Notebook. This Notebook serves as a source of contextual help to whatever task you are performing. The help notes displayed will be to do the task you have chosen. Secondly the Notebook is a storehouse of various objects, styles and ready-made graphics which can be dragged on to the work area, to include in your drawing. To help you navigate within the Notebook you can also use the Guide Tool to access its various pages.


Corel is generally known for its many tools which are so useful in drawing and Print House Magic incorporates quite a few. Compared to other Corel software the tools here are also very powerful but they do not have too many options which can prove to be quite confusing. Also the Notebook will give you a brief review of the possibilities of the selected tool. Some of the cool tools are:

  • Shaper tool for Bezier curve manipulation.
  • Symbol tool for placing characters onto the page from a selection of fonts.
  • Symbol Sprayer tool for getting a spattering effect of characters when you drag them across the page.

CF&F Feature

CF&F (Corel Family and Friends) feature has three main parts which can be interlinked. One is a Calendar with a reminding feature, the next is an Address Book and the last is a database where you can create different types of lists.