What to Look for in Photo Shop Training

There are essentially two ways to experience Adobe Photo Shop training. You can either take a course with an instructor or you can buy a book and learn it on your own. Each option has its pros and cons, but regardless of which one you choose, this is what you need to look for in order to make the process a learning experience instead of a waste of time.

Gaining Photo Shop Experience

Your goal is to learn and the only way to learn is through experience. You do not want something that briefly explains the functions and says go experiment on your own. You want step by step lessons that are easy to follow and understand. You want to look for lessons that begin with: "take a look at this file; we're going to make this today." You want lessons that are in depth and cover all the functions that photoshop has to offer.

The best way to learn Photo Shop is from Adobe. If you're serious about Photo Shop enough to spend a few hundred bucks on the program, then you should spend another $50.00 to get Adobe's 'Classroom in a Book' for Photoshop. It's comprised of fourteen lessons that will teach you all the various functions and power of Photoshop. Each lesson takes an average of an hour to complete. The book comes with a CD that contains finished photoshop files and the raw files that made these images so you can see step by step how it's done right.

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