What Spherical Panorama Does

Spherical Panorama makes it extremely easy to stitch together multiple photographs to make fantastic panoramic photos. These panoramas can be of anything. Landscapes and cityscapes are two of the most popular applications for these panoramic photos. While it is possible to stitch photos together in almost any photo editing application, it's much easier when using Spherical Panorama. The photos created with this software are completely unique because they are combined into a ball.

What Is Spherical Panorama?

Spherical Panorama is an application which is dedicated to making panoramic photos. This is an automated package which makes it very simple to stitch your photos together. Unlike many other panorama applications, this one stretches the images together to form a fish eye view.

Creating Videos

It's also possible to use the software to create a virtual tour or video of the panoramic picture which can then be uploaded to your website. This is a great way to make a photo which is interesting to your visitors.

Ease of Use

Spherical Panorama is very easy to use. This software makes it extremely simple to load all of the photos and combine them into a spherical panoramic photograph. If you are struggling to use the software, then there is also a years support included for free. The support can be contacted by email or phone during normal office hours.

The hardest part of using the software will be installing it, even though this is surprisingly easy. By using Spherical Panorama, you will be able to easily make unique panoramic photos that you can share with your friends and family.