What Sets PhotoOne Apart?

PhotoOne is one of the best studio management software programs in the industry today. To add to this, it was just acquired recently by StudioPlus, another excellent company. With these two companies teaming up together, all of their clients will have access to their solutions and technical expertise. It makes running your business easier. Here is what sets PhotoOne apart.

Internet Automatic Backup

You'll always have peace of mind when using PhotoOne. Even if your system crashes or your computer has a blue screen error and cannot be rebooted, this software can easily transfer you to another host computer. This lets you resume your activities in no time.

Remote Desktop Assistance

This is a very useful tool offered by PhotoOne. It gives technicians access to your computer so they can literally see what you see. They can control your computer remotely so they can troubleshoot first-hand. This way, they can more easily find the problem.

Technical Support Membership

Premium service comes with a price, but only a small price. You get start-up technical support for the first year and you can opt to purchase a membership yearly. This includes comprehensive support on the product and various software upgrades.

Email Management

The software also helps you manage your emails, sending automatic invites to clients or attaching relevant photos for your promos. PhotoOne makes communicating to several groups of people a whole lot easier.