What Sets Arcsoft PhotoMontage Apart

Arcsoft PhotoMontage is a program that you can use to turn your ordinary digital photos into works of art with ease. The end product that is created by Arcsoft PhotoMontage will be totally unique and magazine or movie poster ready. Arcsoft PhotoMontage is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Arcsoft PhotoMontage has a few features that set it apart from other creative photo programs, such as a built-in image editor, a collection of micro-images and video capture capabilities.

1. Built-In Image Editor

One of the best features of Arcsoft PhotoMontage is its built-in image editor. While Arcsoft PhotoMontage is capable of turning your photos into pieces of art on its own, the built-in image editor allows you to express your creative side by enhancing the photo as you see fit. The Arcsoft PhotoMontage built-in image editor can do everything from cropping photos to enhancing the color of photos.

2. Micro-Images Collection

One of the easiest ways to create unique pieces of photography art is to combine thousands of small micro-images to create one big image. Over time, you will be able to create your own micro-images with ease. However, to get you started, Arcsoft PhotoMontage comes with over 20,000 micro-images that you can experiment with to create the perfect custom piece of art.

3. Video Capture

Unlike many other creative photo programs, Arcsoft PhotoMontage comes with video capture capabilities. The video capture capabilities of Arcsoft PhotoMontage allow you to import video footage that you have shot with a digital camcorder. You are then able to create unique micro-images from the footage that you imported into Arcsoft PhotoMontage.