What Private Photo Album Allows You to Do

Private Photo Album allows for photo encryption of chosen private images. Let's look into the features of this product and learn just what this album does for you.

Formats and Password Protection

This program allows you to load almost all kinds of image formats like TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PCX, JPEG and many more. Also, you can select to hide your private photographs by enabling password protection, so only you can access the image files.

Portability and Image Viewer

It is equipped with a portable/moveable album file. This allows you to copy or write the images onto a CD, DVD or other format. It also has an in-built image viewer, through which you can arrange your images into a slideshow for a presentation.

Editing and Encryption

The software also allows you to move your images, create copies of them, and drag and drop them on the screen as you prefer. Also, it requires a 256-bit encryption and powerful photo encryption software. It runs smoothly on most of the operation systems, with little or no hindrances at all. These are a few of the features that the Private Photo Album allows you to use, making it a great software tool.