What Makes AutoImager Different from Other Image Editing Software?

Aside from being image editing software, AutoImager is also a batch image converter and editor. This feature sets it apart from other kinds of image editing software on the market. You can convert PDF files and other 140+ formats and enhance them in the same software. There is no need to import the files from one image editor to the other because AutoImager has it all.

Interface-Driven Operations

Without the need for complicated codes, AutoImager allows you to choose the pictures that you want to edit and have the filters applied with just a click of the button. Preview the before and after images on the Filters Preview area and see the effects after application.

Gamma Adjust

Edit the saturation of the colors Red, Blue and Green for dramatic effects. Adjust the color channels by either manually typing the desired number in or by using the arrow buttons. Preview the effects on the Before and After area and see the difference a slight change in number can have.

Elements Effect

Give the effects of the Wind and the Wave on your pictures. Bring the elements into your photos and make them come alive. Incorporate flow of the water and the gush of wind to add drama to your photos.

Radial Blur and Wave Effects

Give your photos a bit of smudge with the Radial Blur option. Add shock value to your pictures with the Wave effects. Adjust the size and stress of the effects and see the intensity of the pictures rise from first look.

Maximize the features of the AutoImager as a file converter and image editing software, and experience for yourself why this software stands out.