What Is Zoomify?

You can now make images and web images “zoomable” with ImageFolio’s Zoomify plug-in. What it does is basically segregate the image into smaller square pieces or “tiles.” These diced portions of the image are of different resolutions, which results in enabling the visitors of the website to view any part of the image at any zoom level.

Interaction and Speed

Whenever a viewer of a picture zooms to a particular portion of an image, only that portion of the image is downloaded and loaded. Therefore, this makes viewing the image more effective and less time consuming. This is comparable to some online satellite or mapping sites.

Unlimited File Size

The size of images being viewed has no limit. You can have files as small as 100kb and as large as 50MB. File size doesn’t matter and they can be zoomed effectively. Images with better resolution will naturally yield better zooming and viewing results.


Being built into ImageFolio’s Batch Upload Component (iBULC), you don’t need to convert your images using third party products. Simply upload the images and they can be zoomed instantly after the upload completes.

Choose Your Program

Depending on what you need to do, you can choose from five options that will fit your needs. You may use Zoomify Express, Export in Photoshop, Design, Flash and Enterprise. Each has its own features that might suit you depending on your needs. Whether you simply want to take a closer look at old photos or need to create an intricate website design with a lot of detail, Zoomify will work wonders for you.