What Is Webcam?

WebCamXP is a software program that is designed to network webcams and cameras together in order to allow users with webcams to monitor, record or steam information. It is good for both the professional user and the everyday user. 


WebCamXP has features that allow you to control several video outputs at the same time. It can be used to monitor your home; you can watch for intruders via your cellphone or on a computer with Internet hookup.

In order to use the WebCamXP software, you must have a webcam that connects using a USB port with a WDM driver, a television or other type of monitor (or capture card with a WDM driver), and a camera that supports jpeg, mpeg, mpeg4 or other photo or video files such as .avi or .wmv.

If you want to use the WebCamXp in a streaming mode, it can be used with jpeg images, flash client supported systems or equipment, equipment that uses javascript, Windows Media files, Flash media files or iPhone files.


Using this program with a supported device, you can do things like make your webcam pan and tilt, use a motion detector, use picture in a picture, use a DVR, use PowerHome software or use audio from supported cameras. However, to do these things, you must have it connected to a device that has the particular features you want to use.

It also supports eight languages. Besides English, you can program it for French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese or Russian.