What Is Video Insight?

Video Insight is a software manufacturer that has comprehensive offerings in the field of IP Video Surveillance. Most of these products fall into the enterprise class. Here is more information about these products:

About Video Insight Products

Video Insight’s products are primarily based on providing solutions regarding IP Video Surveillance. These products are dependent on the floor plan and the map layout of the campus to which they are being installed on. Based on these maps and plans, the products by Video Insight can be used for complete and comprehensive monitoring of any part of the campus.

Using these product solutions, you can view live streaming video or a recorded playback almost anywhere. Video Insight enables the users to watch these live streams and recording over the Internet or any other network via a computer, display panel or a smart phone. They also support multi-location viewing of a single camera or sources from multiple cameras. This can be extended to the usage of an unlimited number of servers, cameras and licenses at no extra cost. Currently, Video Insight products support more than 650 camera types being manufactured by the 50 most prominent camera manufacturers.

Video Insight Product Listing

The products by Video Insight are available for every tier of the monitoring mechanism. This includes client side applications, server side programs and associated utilities. The major products by video insight are the IP camera server, Web clients, monitor stations, health monitors, rules manager, long-term storage devices and software development kits to allow for extended functionality.