What Is Ultimate Paint?

A graphics program for retouching, creating and viewing images, Ultimate Paint has a full range of features that offers more advantages than other paint programs. It runs on the Windows platform and is based on the Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint program.

Multiple Files Types Support

The files being supported by this program are JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, WMF/EMF, IFF/LBM, WAP BMP, ICO and AVI. Images of these files types can be easily viewed and manipulated. They can then be printed easily at any size and orientation.

Simple Interface

On the left of the main window, the icons for color and drawing functions can be found. There’s a palette to the right which stores the latest color shades you used for faster retrieval. A feature that’s unique is that you can set various skins to the program.

Image Optimizer

One tool that can usually only be found in expensive graphics packages is the image optimizer. It basically determines the best settings for an image while maintaining the smallest possible size and the best quality.

Navigation Panel

A 100% magnification ratio around the cursor allows you to take a closer look at your image, especially if you need to work at a magnified level. While working at a particular zoom level, the larger window still shows the original image size so you can still see it as a whole.

Hundreds of Quality Effects

With more than a hundred effects of professional quality, this program is comparable to other professional programs found in the market. Ultimate Paint gives you all of these options and a lot more so you can enjoy your images to their fullest.