What is the Avid Interplay Window?

The avid interplay Window is a work group tool that allows you to edit media that is stored in a remote server. The Interplay Window has many great features and uses that can help ease any editing job.

Uses of the Avid Interplay Window

The Interplay Window allows you to work with sequences and clips of a media that is in shared storage environment without the need to leave your editing software application program to check out your media. This window helps you manage, see and use these sequences and clips as well as other Avid programs that are stored remotely and are managed by the Interplay Engine.

Essentially, the Avid Interplay Engine is like a public folder where members of your group can access the files you have changed as well as use other files in the folder. It allows all the users to have access to the same folders without exchanging files. The Interplay Engine also tracks any changes made to the files while you are working with your media.

Features of the Avid Interplay Window

There are several features in the Avid Interplay Window to help you edit, save and manipulate all the files in the system. The large portion of the window is referred to as the Research Panel where you will find all the results of your searches. On the left side of the window is the Directory panel which shows you all the shared folders so you can easily navigate from one folder to the next.

You can also change the way the Research and Directory panels look by pressing Ctrl + L. The panels can be positioned horizontally or vertically depending on your preference. You can also sort and resize the information in the columns of the research panel by clicking the column heading. To let you view multiple folders, you can change the folders into tabs by clicking the Pin button.

To make your life a lot easier, you can also create a shortcut of all the files that you use often. To do this, go to a specific folder and right-click it. You then need to select Create Shortcut. The list will appear on the top of the Media Directory and will be there every time you open Interplay Window.

Using the Avid Interplay Window

Before you can actually work with interplay Window, it is important that a system has been set up to connect your computer to a shared storage network as well as set-up a group setting in your editing software.

Once you have logged into the group system, just click on "Tools" and then select "Interplay Window." In the Interplay Window, you will see all the media files, clips, sequences and metadata files associated with your media files.

To edit a clip or sequence, you need to drag the media clips from a folder to a bin. However, the files are not copied in your system but instead it is saved in the Interplay Engine where all the users can access it as well.

It is also important to remember that when working with remote files, you cannot edit sequences remotely. You need to drag the sequence to an open bin and then drag it back to the Interplay Window. In turn, the Interplay Window will check the sequence or clip in to the Interplay Engine.

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