What Is Surveillance Manager?

When it comes to using a central video surveillance deployment solution, Surveillance Manager is a great product. This is in fact a product that puts together different facets, including managing video surveillance equipment, and it also makes it easy to combine network elements. All in all, this is a product that provides a much higher level of security and provides ease of integration of different surveillance equipment with third-party systems--all of which can be managed from a central location.

Live View/Matrix

Surveillance Manager keeps you from having to load any kind of client software in order to access live videos. At the same time, it is also highly secure and provides simple access to live cameras via a normal browser. It allows you to view up to 30 cameras at a single time and enables different combinations of these cameras.

IP Video Surveillance

This program offers the best in IP Video Surveillance recording and includes features such as low bandwidth motion detecting engines. It also has a recording engine that can record 64 MJPEG IP cameras at good resolutions (640 x 480) and good speeds.

Single Interface

Surveillance Manager allows you to manage different cameras and locations as well as users through a single interface. What this means is that there will not be any need, when you need to make changes, to access different servers on an individual basis. The Admin interface is also very user friendly, and there are effective camera defaults that help to make setting up each camera a very simple task.