What Is So Special about Comic Life Magiq?

Comic Life Magiq is an interesting program usually used by cartoonists in order to achieve that comic and wacky effect in their photos. It can be used with lifelike images to add a little comic flair to them and make the images stand out. It makes your photos look like they were designed by a pro cartoonist.

Image Editor

Comic Life Magiq has a built-in image editor that you can use to alter the images you are working with. You can use tools such as crop, rotate and warp in order to achieve the specific result that you want for your base picture. It avoids the hassle of using another program to mildly edit the photos.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The interface is also easy to use, and you can navigate through it with no problem at all. The layout has guides that will help you through the process of what you want to achieve, so it will not be a problem even for beginners.

Various Templates

You can choose from a wide array of templates for your backgrounds. They are of high quality and are professionally made so choose the one that best fits or goes with your images.

Various Brush and Line Options

You also have the option of choosing different brush strokes and options that can be integrated into the image you are working on. Comic Life Magiq gives you these as options so you can further "cartoonize" your image.