What Is SlideShare?

SlideShare is a website that offers business media such as documents, pdfs and slide presentations. It is a community consisting of professionals from various industries, where people can register and upload their business content. Other individuals can come in and comment on the media uploaded. The website has more than 25 million visitors monthly with the numbers growing quickly.

Website Features

The SlideShare offers members several functions. Content uploaded to the site can be embedded to a member’s website or personal blog. Members who upload content can choose to share the media publicly or privately. There are several options offered for members who wish to share the content privately. The website can also be used as a marketing tool, to promote or advertise an event. Members can also choose to join groups and meet other people with similar interests.

Advantages of Using SlideShare

Business media uploaded to the website will receive attention from over 70 million viewers monthly. Through becoming a member and joining groups, people can expand their network of contacts. Members can also choose to modify and enhance their media content online by adding audio to slides.

Memberships Available

SlideShare offers a number of options for members. For individuals who wish to see the basic features, the site offers a free Personal account with unlimited uploads. However, it does not include some of the other premium features. There are also ads included with only three videos allowed with each account. The Professional, Business and Enterprise accounts offer analytics, buzz tracking, leads, more videos and no ads.