What Is Sketch Master?

Sketch Master is plug-in software for Photoshop that creates realistic, hand-drawn sketches from your photos. Equipped with a variety of tool simulation effects like pencil, crayon, airbrush and ink-pencil, the plug-in is quite easy to use and has a simple interface. You can also simulate different paper textures like water paper, laid paper, canvas and leather.

Interface and Controls

Sketch Master has a simple interface where your sketch is on the left and there are various controls in the right panel. You will find a small square on top in the right panel which shows the style of strokes. Clicking this square will give you the options of various types of pencils and paint brushes. The Scaling slider gives you control over the size of the pencil or brush strokes. If you choose a lower value, the stroke will be finer and also fragmented. Higher settings will give you blots with edges that are well-defined.

You will also find many more sliders which will give you more control over your sketch that will make it look more realistic. The square at the bottom of the right panel gives you options over the sketch background and you can choose the type of paper effect you want.