What Is Scene7?

Scene7 is a subsidiary company of Adobe. This company caters to the media and acts as a portal to large companies to show images in a realistic way to many people. This is done at a relatively low cost when you consider the costs of advertising. The portal is used to show on-demand images as electronic catalogues. The amount of time and money saved by use of this portal appears to be considerable, as it is a worldwide means of distributing the visuals without the need of catalogues or the expense of printing them. At present, it appears to be the prerogative of the larger companies, but the smaller ones will follow.

A Management Program

It is a full management system for marketing your goods at the touch of a button and on demand. It is available in several languages besides English, such as Spanish, German, Japanese and French which were introduced in October 2008.


One of the great things about Scene7 is the ability to basically view it in 3D. You can swing the item or model around to view it from all directions. You get the full 360-degree turn. You can zoom in on items to view the details. This can all be done by you as the client to decide what the customer should be able to see. Text and image content is available. There are literally hundreds of configurations you can do. You create a library of the items you wish to display and these can be displayed on demand to the customer. Most of the well-known brands like Sears, Amazon, Harrods and many more are customers of Scene7.