What Is Rendera?

Rendera is a free computer software program used for doing graphics projects such as drawing, painting, touching up images and coloring images. It works on PCs as long as they have Windows ME or higher installed as an operating system.

Artist Tools

The Rendera program is like having a full artist palette of tools at your fingertips. It is easy to learn and offers simple, user-friendly interactive tools. For example, if you have a photo file and you need to change it from a black and white image to one with color, Rendera has a coloring option that lets you do this in a matter of seconds. It works with jpeg photo files.

Works Online or on Your Desktop

Reandera’s tools can be used on your desktop to work with existing graphics files without a need to go online. But, if you need to work with files that are on the Internet like a webpage, then you can also use Rendera. Its features are designed to work with the boxes or tiles as they are called on Internet web pages.

Editing Functions

Rendera can do the same things as some expensive photo editing programs, such as clone a section of the screen and use it to fix another section, zoom in on the portion of the image you want to correct, and even undo something if you make a mistake or want to start over.