What Is Profile Mechanic?

Profile Mechanic is a computer program that lets users adjust scanners and cameras to get reliable color tones and better quality photographic images taken with digital cameras. Using Profile Mechanic, users are certain to get the same results each and every time with no worries of something ruining pictures, such as poor color or a lighting problem, etc.

Compatible with Most Cameras

Profile Mechanic works with most brands of digital cameras and scanners, letting the user program the gear to give predictable and reliable results and reproductions every time it is used. This is very important in professional photography, as customers rely on getting the same high quality results every time. The program corresponds to industry standards for these factors, allowing users to get the support needed for equipment currently and in the future.

Main Features of Profile Mechanic

Some of the main things that the program does is gives a standardized ICC profile of a camera or scanner, it is not proprietary. It can do transparencies, Macbeth colors checks, it can detect non-standard lighting issues, provides a detailed log of what has been done, it is 48-bit for better corrections, well-written and understandable documentation, and it can plot a gamut and response curve for devices it supports.

System Requirements

In order to use Profile Mechanic software you must have at least Windows 98 or later, MAC OS9.2 or later, and a supported scanner or camera (it doesn’t support CMYK scanners).

All in all, if you wish a scanner and camera program that can help calibrate your gear and help to match industry standards for your products, Profile Mechanic is a good choice to use.