What Is Pixia?

Pixia is a free piece of photo editing software which is very powerful. The original versions of this application were released in Japanese, although they are now available in English too. The software is available for free on the Internet. Once it is downloaded, it can be installed easily.

Commercial Use

Pixia is suitable for all uses, including commercial use without charge. It is not, however, possible to sell the software for personal gain.


Installing the software onto any windows computer is very easy. It's simply a matter of downloading the files and then running the installer. The installer will automatically extract all of the files and install everything. Simply follow the instructions and the software will be installed properly. It can then be run by selecting it from the start menu in Windows.


The software can be run on any Windows based computer which runs Windows XP, Windows Vista and the latest version of Windows 7. The application isn't however that demanding on your computer, it only requires 32MB of RAM or more and a graphics card which supports True or High color.

The software also supports the use of graphics tablets such as WACOM tablets. It also fully supports TWAIN32 devices such as scanners.


Unlike most other applications, the help files are not included with Pixia. You will need to download these separately from the website.

Easy to Use

One of the best features of this application is that it's easy to use. It's similar to many other image editing apps. The foreground color can be found by clicking on the color with the left mouse button. The right mouse button will select the background color.