What is Pixfiler Photo Organizing Software?

PixFiler is photo organizing software that helps users find and show all of their digital images in a matter of moments. It can organize anywhere from one to thousands of photo images from your hard drive, CD or DVD and can read most types of image formats (even raw files straight from your digital camera). It can be used for everyday use or for commercial archiving of digital files (for professional users).

Benefits of PixFiler

PixFiler will help you find all the imagery files on your computer or disk quickly and simply and then use the available techniques and tools to file them in a logical fashion. It will also create a report, make a print or contact sheet, display metadata from an image and let users share their images over a network or other location. It makes it simple and easy for users to find any photo or image file they need at a moment’s notice.

Free Trial

PixFiler can be downloaded and used free for 30 days. After that, you must pay $39 for the full use of the program. During the free period, all the features are available for use.

Upgraded Version

If you have a previous version of PixFiler, then you can upgrade it using the current version. It is an upgrade of BR’s PhotoArchiver program.

PixFiler is overall one of the better and easier to use photo organizing programs for organizing digital imagery files. It is compatible with multiple media, organizes photos in seconds, and is easy and simple to use.