What Is Pixer?

Pixer is an easy-to-use photo editor that allows you to upload your chosen image, edit it, add effects and download it to your own computer in your desired file format, without having to download a software package.

Pixer’s interface has no frills with simple buttons and action logos to indicate what it does. It has a large space to allow users to see the progress of their editing process. Here are the steps to get the photo customization and effects that you desire.

Uploading and Altering Pictures

On the upper left corner of the page, beside the Load Image, is a box where you can click on to browse and choose the file. Complete the necessary changes that you want to make. The resize button lets you change the size of the picture without changing the quality of the image. To crop the picture, click on the image to drag the square into the desired area. Rotate the picture to left or right, and flip it over horizontally or vertically. Click on the Undo button if you want any of the commands undone.

Special FX

Enhance your photos and add effects from Pixer: Oil Painting, Jitter, Marble, Clouds, Textile, Rusty, 1850, Pixellate, Wood, Labyrinth and Dirty. You can change the color to add drama to it, with Sepia, Red, Green, Invert Blue or Grayscale. Color Saturation can also be controlled together with the Blur and Sharpen features.

Saving Images

On the upper left corner of the page, just below Load Image, click on the save button and choose from four different formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP. Choose your file location on your computer or view it through an image viewer.