What Is Picture Window Pro?

Picture Window Pro is a powerful photo editing tool for discriminating photographers that demand only the highest quality in their outputs. Every detail of the picture is enhanced with the different components of the software.

Image Transformations

2-zone and 3-zone adjustments improve the contrast of the pictures to make them more vibrant and lively. The colors can also be adjusted based on saturation, hue, brightness and depth. The color balance can also be enhanced to improve on the tonality and accuracy of colors.

Raw Workflow

Apart from the transformations, the raw workflow is broken down into more specific components. The color controls can be used to balance the image, from which white balance settings can be used. The tint controls can also be used with guidance from the color histogram. The brightness feature includes shadow, midtone, exposure, dynamic range, gamma and highlight brightness.

Better Printing Options

Getting the same resolution that you have onscreen is best seen on print. Make your digital picture a reality with the best printout with Picture Window Pro Monitor Curves. Proof your printer regularly for best results and use Quadtone Printing for black and white tints while using ink jet printers.

More Tools and Enhancements

The histogram tool allows histogram inspection. This enables users to adjust and examine channels. Sharpening images is also easier with the Texture Mask Tool. IPTC Comments can also be saved together with the file for future reference.

Get the most from your photos with the detailed and strict precision that Picture Window Pro can give.