What Is PicPick?

PicPick is a computer program that offers a variety of ways to edit digital photos. It can be used by people who develop software, design graphics or even the average everyday user. Here are some of the things PicPack can do.

All Inclusive Software Product

This program gives users a multi-featured capture tool, photo editor, color chooser, color list, a pixel-measuring tool, a whiteboard feature and a crosshair feature. It is also free unless used for commercial gain (then you must buy a license to use it). It is fully supported by a helpful customer service department.

Ease of Use

It is available in multiple languages for the convenience of users. It can also be used on either a single screen or double screen computer environment, which makes it an excellent tool for commercial graphic artists who need to see multiple products at the same time.


The program starts quickly and stays idle in the user’s system until needed. It doesn’t interfere with other software on the user’s computer. It supports Windows 7 and can be put on a USB flash drive if desired, as it makes no changes to a computer’s registry.