What Is PickLish?

PickLish is an exciting and fun program that lets you publish your photos and galleries for your friends and families to share. It is extremely easy to use and you don’t have to be a tech expert to learn and enjoy the benefits of this amazing program.

Photo Viewing and Galleries

When you have thousands of photos in your computer, it may be a little difficult to sort and organize them. However, with PickLish, you will be given the chance to sort and view these photos with ease by using a very simple interface that will help you organize these images in no time.

Slideshow Creator

Aside from being able to systematically arrange and view your photos, this software also gives you the option to make slideshows out of them for a better viewing experience. You can sort and set the order of the photos being shown in your slideshow.

HTML Option

If you are knowledgeable with HTML, you can also edit and adjust the HTML and XML files that the program sets out. This is a more advanced function that gives you more freedom and options while having fun with this program.

Free to Join

The best thing about this program is it is free to download, and you can enjoy it without spending a thing. It is also free to join the community, which makes it easier to share your photos and interact with others.