What Is Picartia?

PicArtia is a website that allows you to make your own photo collage at no cost. It’s a free and quick way to create a project that can be used as a present or hung on your wall.

Easy to Use

PicArtia can be learned in only about two minutes using the lesson on the website. The only drawback is that the free version can only make a print that is less than 10 megapixels, so it may not reproduce well. If you want a better resolution print, there is a charge for that service.


You can use it to make a poster, a print for your wall, a blog posting, or even create a huge collage of several prints for a low fee. If you choose to do the latter, you must make sure all your photo files are small and put into a zip file to send to PicArtia (so the company can make your collage for you). The photo collage only takes about 12 hours to accomplish. You can also use any photos you have in a Flickr file to make your products.

The program checks all photo files to make sure the colors and other factors are correct. It also answers to clients quickly and can be relied on to get the job done fast and well.