What Is PhotoStore?

PhotoStore is a very useful application for any professional photographer. It makes it very simple to sell photographs on the Internet by setting up your own online store. Setting up a store on the Internet selling photos can be very complicated. However, by using the right software, it's possible to do it very quickly and easily. The software is so flexible that you will be able to easily include your photos and then profit from these by selling them.

PhotoStore also makes it very easy to add new photos to your store at any time. This makes it possible to create a sustainable business which can provide you with a long term income.

Understanding PhotoStore

PhotoStore is an application which can be used to create an online store for your photos. Unlike some other packages, this makes it possible to sell your photos on your own website. Because of this, it's possible to increase your earnings by avoiding the need of paying stock photo websites.

The Internet is a very useful tool for all types of businesses. If you are a keen photographer, then you will need  to have a website of some form to advertise your services. PhotoStore can be used with both videos and photographs. This makes it ideal for both photographers and videographers.


PhotoStore is a very easy web application to use. It is aimed at photographers rather than computer experts. This means that the whole system is automated when set up. An integrated shopping cart can be used to collect orders and then remember them until they are dealt with. If the customer buys a digital copy of the photograph, then this can simply be downloaded as soon as they have sent payment. This makes it much easier to attract customers because they are keen on instant purchases. This means that people will be able to easily pay for and then download the photos right away.


When setting up PhotoStore, you have a number of different payment options available. These include PayPal and NoChex. For a more integrated and professional solution, you will also be able to use merchant accounts including authorize.net. You can add additional payment modules at a later date when your business expands and grows.


When an order is placed an email is sent to both the shop owner and the customer. This makes it very easy to keep track of sales on real time basis. By doing this, it should be very easy to understand exactly how much you have made per day.


A number of different types of photographs and videos can be sold. When selling digital videos and photos, they can be sent electronically instantly over the Internet. However, it's also possible to use the same software to sell prints or canvases of the photographs.

It's possible to include multiple options for different photos. This means that customers can decide to purchase individual photos in a digital format or prints in different sizes. The software can also handle various resolutions of images and set different prices for each.