What Is PhotoPost?

PhotoPost is a computer program that allows users to share their photos using a website gallery, where they can upload photos and talk about them in a forum atmosphere. It is easy to install and operate and can be downloaded from the company’s website.


Some of the key features of PhotoPost are that users can upload images with automatic creation of a thumbnail version. It is fully operational with forums such as vBulletin 3 and UBB and member galleries can be made private. Through these galleries, users can comment and vote on each other’s photos, which lets photographers get feedback on how they are doing with their craft. This can help new photographers get some needed tips and facts on how to create a better photo image product.

Support for Users

Users have multiple support options through the user forums, as well as customer support. More than 14,000 people have bought the program and are currently using it for their photo gallery needs. The program also offers a classified section where users can interact, buy and sell products made through PhotoPost gallery. It can also be used with the popular blogging site, WordPress, which allows users to post the photos they create on their blogs for readers to see.