What is PhotoPage?

PhotoPage is a free graphics software computer program that lets you share your photos on the internet through the use of a gallery that you can download for either Macintosh or PC computers.

Generates its own Thumbnails

PhotoPage users don’t have to worry about not knowing how to upload a photo or create a gallery of multiple images. The program automatically does that for the user and then generates thumbnails of small versions of all the photos, too. It is a user-friendly photo editing program.

Free to Use

PhotoPage software is what is called freeware, which means you don’t have to pay for it. It is offered free to use any way you need to use it and can be downloaded from several places online.

Add Descriptions to your Galleries

Besides uploading multiple photo images to a gallery for your friends and relatives, PhotoPage lets you add a description or caption to each of the photos so you are able to describe what is in the picture and what is happening or perhaps the date it was taken.

Lets You Edit Your Photos

This program not only uploads the photos to the web, but you can use it to edit them. Using its features, you can easily manipulate, enhance and even print a photo prior to putting in into an online gallery of images.

All in all, the PhotoPage program is great way to share your images online for free and is also simple and easy to use.