What Is PhotoKit?

PhotoKit is a plug in for Photoshop that consists of 129 additional features that you can use. It was produced by a company called Pixel Genius. This company consists of many Photoshop gurus.

About PhotoKit

The plug-ins supplied by PhotoKit are automated plug-ins. Once they are uploaded to Photoshop, you do need to turn them on. You do this by selecting "Automate" in your file directory. At present, it is available as a free trial for you to download.


There are some very valuable tools that you will find useful. A few that are available with the free trial cover 12 different Enhancement effects, as well as Color effects and Burn, Dodge and Tone effects. In addition, there are Specialized Black and White Effects and 26 Special Effects for photography. Be aware that they only work in 24-bit mode. This means they are pretty safe to use; not too much harm can be done to your photos. Your image is safe in the layer below. If you need to, just take a step back and whatever you did is undone. The effects you are creating are being done in layers so that you can combine them at the end.

PhotoKit was made available in 2002, but it still is a good example of a plug-in worthy of Photoshop. Of particular interest is the sharpening tool in this kit. Often times, you will find that the photos you have taken lack that sharpness that you want. This kit will enhance the sharpness of your images with the set of sharpeners it provides (just by using a capturing device). PhotoKit is something you should try for yourself.