What Is PhotoHost?

PhotoHost is image software that gives you a chance to be creative. With PhotoHost, you can host images and photos for family, friends and even clients, but what’s more is that you are actually making money from it. The software gives you the chance to set up unlimited plans for hosting images and handle the accounts of your members.

The tasks that the administrator has to carry out are done on an Internet browser using an interface that is maximally user friendly. The browser used is also easy to learn; people who are not technical can also work with PhotoHost.


For users that know their way around HTML, customizing the software comes easy to them. This is because using HTML code, they can change the way PhotoHost operates to suit their needs. Better still, its design is professional.

Instant download

Once the payment you have made for the software has been approved, the download process happens instantly. Installation onto your server also gets done in just a matter of minutes. This installation can also be done for you at no charge.


For PhotoHost to work, the owner has to configure hosting plans of images on a monthly basis. Then, the people that she is hosting have to signup to have the liberty of hosting their photos, creating slideshows, creating 360 spins, galleries and so much more. Payments made by the other users are deposited on the owner’s PayPal account.