What Is Photo Sketch Maker?

Photo Sketch Maker 1.42 is image-editing software that has digitalized sketch making. Apart from pens and pencils, you can now make sketches using software. Photo Sketch Maker is such software and it helps you make sketches of your photos. Here are some of the main features:

Sketch Making Mode

You are given the liberty to choose between manual and automatic as you make the sketches. The automatic mode helps you make sketches using the default format availed by the software, while manual mode allows you to make the sketch to suit your preferences.


You are also able to share your sketches with friends and family. This can be done through printing and emailing of the sketches made.

Sketch Types

You can choose any type of the sketch depending on the subject. There are as many as 10 types of sketches that available in Photo Sketch Maker for your use.

Looking at how this software is used, it is so easy that you do not have to have any knowledge about sketching software to be able to work with it. All you need to do is choose an image that you want to sketch and click open. To change the selected image into a sketch, click on one of the small effects. If you want color changes, choose options of color then drag the track button to customize your sketch image. After that, you have a sketch and to save it, click on save. For sharing purposes, you can click print in order to get a printed copy from Photo Sketch Maker.