What Is Photo 505?

Photo 505 is not your everyday photo editing software; it is fascinating and fun to use. This software gives you a chance to edit your photos for free and yet it gives you high quality output.

How It Works

All you need to do is go to the software website, upload your picture, and it can be modified and re-touched using the various available effects. You can place it in a new background that will make your edited picture look as though it were an original. This is not typical with most free editing software. Photo 505 can edit images of 10 mg.

What It Offers

Just select one of the templates where you want your image loaded, and instantly you will have a new look to the image. Photo 505 allows everyone to view your image by selecting browse. However, you can uncheck the option of making the photo public, and then you will be the only viewer. You can also create funny pictures by the help of this software with your own picture as the blue print. If you want to make a gallery or an album, Photo 505 will help you; high quality is guaranteed.