What is MainActor?

MainActor is multimedia editing software that will work on Linux and Windows platforms. It is made up of five components that make it an extraordinary program that will fulfill any editing needs all in one. Once you have learned all of its elements, you will find it to be a very easy program to use.

MainActor includes help files and program tutorials. By reviewing them, you can easily gain a vast knowledge of all of the capabilities of MainActor. There are several sophisticated tools included that you can use not only to create, but to enhance even the most complex video project that you have. With this program, you won’t ever need to pay a professional again to do the things that you want done.

MainActor Sequencer

One of the most fun programs you can find, this program will allow you to perform a bunch of different operations. You can insert text, filters, audio, film clips, nearly anything, and then use the timeline feature to place any of your objects anyplace, using the handy drag and drop interface. You will love the preview window that will let you view your work in progress. Then, when you are done, you can save it to nearly any format you want.

MainActor Video Editing

This component allows you to isolate a single frame or combine several frames and make a custom animation. The Windows version also includes digital video support with regards to importing and exporting.

MainActor Video Capture

This component, using analog video capture equipment, captures the video.

MainActor DV-Capture

This component will capture the output of any digital video device.

MainActor DV-Out

This component sends your digital video data to a video recording device.