What is MagicEffect Photo Editor Software?

The MagicEffect Photo Editor Software is designed for the everyday consumers who wish to add special effects to their digital photographs. Included inside are more than 150 different effects. These effects can be added to the photograph with a click of the button. Multiple effects can even be added to a single photograph.

Program Features

The program comes with 15 distinct types of filters. Under each major category are 10 different special effects. There are filters which change the overall color of the image, add shapes and lines, turn photographs into sketches, alter the texture, add borders or frames to the image, add additional light sources and change the overall feel of the image. As multiple effects can be added, users can apply thousands of combinations to a single picture. Users can save their finished work as the wallpaper for their desktop or laptop machines.

Download Options

Consumers can choose to download the free shareware version or pay for the full version. The free shareware version is for consumers who wish to see some of the basic features of the program. To unlock all of the features contained in the program, consumers are advised to download the program from the company's official website. The program can be paid for by using major credit cards, UK and US checks, postcheque, bank wire or through Paypal.

Awards Received

The program has received high marks from several websites. Downloading the program has also been deemed 100% clean of spyware, adware, malware or any types of viruses. This makes it safe for any type of consumer to download and use.