What is Livepix?

LivePix was a popular image editing package which was often bundled with hardware for free. This was once a popular piece of software which allowed you to edit and touch up photographs and images. This is a fairly powerful piece of software which was once included with many Epson products.


LivePix has a number of very useful features. These include fairly simple features such as cropping, touch ups and various other features. This makes the software suitable for beginners and professionals alike. LivePix was designed with a simple user interface which made it very easy to use. There were also more powerful features included which made it suitable for different abilities.


LivePix was designed to run on Windows 98. Many people have experienced problems trying to use LivePix with Windows XP or newer. Some people have managed to get this working but it normally requires you to edit the registry.

The Future

Unfortunately LivePix is no longer available. This was initially developed by Live Inc before it was purchased by MGI. The Live package has been discontinued but the features have been built into other MGI applications.

LivePix is a handy application and while it's not currently available the features are available in many other applications. MGI became Roxio.