What is LightZone and What Does it Do?

Turn your pictures into the best photos that you have seen with LightZone. It is a photo editor for professionals. It makes photo editing simple with its easy-to-use interface. It has narrowed down the complexities of image editing for professionals without the codes and mathematical representations.


The Relight feature enhances the photo with balanced lighting all with one click. Make it a brighter picture without changing the quality and the balance of all the other elements.

Intelligent Editing

Preserving the quality of the picture, Intelligent Editing allows the RAW photographs to be edited for color and white balance, contrast and brightness, and sharpness and dust spots. It also has a noise reduction feature for high-ISO digital photos.


Not all photographs are the same. This is why LightZone Styles uniquely treats each and every photograph with the right editing even when processed per batch. Each attribute is taken into consideration by the intelligent instructions incorporated into Styles.

Powerful Selections and Mask

The advanced image analysis technology gives special regions of the photo to be isolated and given extra attention. A detailed analysis of the overall picture is completed while still allowing further customization by the user. This gives you the leverage to use detailed editing operations.

Unlimited Layers

Instead of having pixel layers, the Unlimited Layers tool stack gives the user the option to stack one of the edits on top of the other depending on which step came in first. These instructions are considered to be non-destructive, which means that changes on a per layer basis gives the user an option to isolate the edits on each part.

Simplify photo editing and improve pictures that will let you cherish fun memories with LightZone.