What Is LightCrafts Aurora?

You can share fond memories with loved ones and friends with the LightCrafts Aurora. It is a powerful yet simple way to edit, organize, share and save photos for future viewing. It has different features that will let you personalize and customize every detail to savor the memories more every time.

Visual Editing

You can compare the original and edited photo and choose exactly which attributes to edit. Give a bit more oomph to your photos as you make them pop with better color contrast, and change the lighting without taking shadows out and leaving them in another area. This intuitive feature of the LightCrafts Aurora suggests areas to improve on, while still leaving the choice to you.

Publishing and Sharing

After discriminating changes on your photos, share them with your loved ones and reminisce together. Have fun remembering the memories as you email, print or share the photos with them directly through social networking sites.

Organizing and Viewing

Import your pictures directly from your computer or digital camera. Rearrange, rename and add captions into your pictures without hassle. View them in different ways for easier reference.

Online Backup

Photos are memories that are worth remembering. Protect them from being deleted with the Online Backup of LightCrafts Aurora. Even if they get deleted from your camera or computer accidentally, you know they are safe online. Protect them for less than $5 a month.

Editing, sharing and protecting your photos is easy. All you have to have is the right software that will make every photo worth sharing and remembering.