What Is Jpeg Imager?

JPEG Imager is a program which compresses images as well as several other functions for JPEG images. Although this format falls under the compression category, it does not make a noticeable difference to the actual size of the photograph.


The latest edition of JPEG Imager contains several new functions. The details that are lost in compressing the image are almost imperceptible. But the fact is, the size of the image in data terms is considerably smaller, making your uploads much faster. The amount of compression you actually get will depend on the image because of the algorithms used.

With this program, you are able to compare the original against the compressed image while they are next to each other. This enables you to be the judge. This can be done almost immediately as the image changes in front of you. The basics of this program mean you have control as to how much compression you want or do not want when switching your image to a JPEG. You have control over the channels with regards to light, color and many other items.

Easy to Use

Although the program might be regarded as complex at first, once you try it, you will find it is fairly simple. You can adjust the different settings and make note of the changes that occur. JPEG Imager will select a size it thinks is suitable for the file size you submit. It is a good example of the way the JPEG algorithm can work. The latest version of the program includes PNG compression as well as GIF. With several new additions to its functions, the 2.0 version of the JPEG Imager is well worth looking at.