What Is JAlbum?

JAlbum is a free web photo album creation program. JAlbum is browser based, so you can use it on both Windows or Mac computers, as long as those computers have an Internet connection. JAlbum can also run on any Apple iPhone. For a small fee, JAlbum can even help you create book store quality books out of your photos.

Easy to Use

Being free is probably the best feature of JAlbum, but being easy to use is a close second. To use JAlbum, simply visit the JAlbum website and click the Create album now button. JAlbum will ask you to upload your photos and will then guide you step by step through the photo album creation process.


Most browser based web photo album creation programs do not allow you to customize your photo album. That is not the case with JAlbum. JAlbum comes with hundreds of different album templates that you can choose from to personalize your photo album in any way that you see fit. You can get to choose what order your photos appear in your album.

Photo Album Sharing

JAlbum makes it easy for you to share your photo album with your friends and family. If you want, you can leave your photo album on the JAlbum website and simply share the link with your friends and family. If you are into social networking, JAlbum can help you share your newly created photo album on all popular social media websites, including Facebook and MySpace. JAlbum can even attach your photo album to an email for you so you can share it that way.