What is Irfanview?

IrfanView is a very popular freeware image editing application. This software is available for free, as long as it is used for non commercial purposes.


The IrfanView application is compatible with all versions of Windows since 9x. These include Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.


This software is aimed at beginners, but also has many of the features that professionals find useful. This is very useful because it is carefully designed with the best of both in mind.

What Does It Do?

IrfanView can be used to create some interesting pieces of artwork or to edit photographs. There are some useful features including cloning, touch ups and various other features.

Animated GIF Support

IrfanView has support for multiple types of animated gifs. This was the first application ever to add this support. Because of this, it is very popular with people who want to edit animated gifs for websites.

This application also supports ICO support, which makes it very simple to edit icons. This makes it a valuable application for anyone who wants to make favicons for their website or design icons to be used for their software.

Using the Software

Using IrfanView is very easy. This means that even if you don't have any experience using image editors or working with photographs, you will be able to easily use the software to edit your images.

IrfanView can be downloaded for free from the Internet. As soon as the software is downloaded, it can then be installed on your computer. As soon as it's installed, it can be used right away.